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Motivators Launches New Site Design

To help customers streamline the search process for logoed merchandise, promotional products distributor Motivators, Inc launches a newer, cleaner site design.

Westbury, NY. August 28, 2009. In an effort to better serve customers, Westbury based distributor of promotional products Motivators, Inc re-launched their award winning website today with a cleaner design focused on navigation. The design, which has replaced pictures and images with solid text links, has been applied to categories and themes on the site.

The redesign, which started at the end of July, was the product of the IT Department led by manager Khurram Khan, who chose to focus heavily on two elements: simplicity and cleanliness. Previously, when customers reached a category page they were met with product images directing them to subcategories and icons directing them to special offers. Users often had to scroll down the page to reach the section that they needed. The new structure has eliminated all product images, and instead replaced them with smaller, relevant icons next to names of subcategory pages. Additionally, four "featured" categories on the top of the each page are displayed to direct customers to the most popular seasonal subcategories.

Graphic Designer Anthony Zuaro feels that the new site design is going to make navigation much simpler for customers who know exactly what they're looking for. "When customers hit one of our pages, be it from Google or our internal site search, they shouldn't have to keep scrolling to find what they need," he says. And as far as design is concerned, it's not a drastic change. "We kept some of the design elements from the old icons and incorporated them into the news ones, but everything is much more consistent looking."