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Motivators Launches 1st Ever Promotional Time Machine

Westbury, NY. April 1, 2010. Westbury based promotional products distributor has figured out a way to solve the most common problem that business owners face. No longer will the phrase, "I should have ordered from Motivators" be uttered. The company announced today that their latest product will revolutionize the industry and allow companies to truly increase their branding potential. The promotional time machine will allow business owners to go back in time and choose to order from Motivators when debating the question, "Does my business truly need promotional products?"

The time machine was developed by, what industry insiders once thought to simply be a creepy, crazy scientist. His pitches to other suppliers and distributors often fell flat, yet it was Motivators CEO Ken Laffer who ultimately took the chance. "We know that companies often sit back and wonder after an event, 'What would have happened had I ordered from Motivators?'" he stated in an interview. "Now, they don't have to. They can go back, order the promotional products and increase their brand recognition along the way by having their company logo imprinted on the car itself."

Specifics of the first promotional time machine are as follows:

  • Runs on plutonium or recycled soda cans
  • 1.21 gigawatts flux capacitor included
  • Early 90's apparel included free with purchase
  • Interchangeable wheels for use on train tracks available, call for pricing

  • Rear mounted, liquid cooled
  • Light Alloy V6, 2.85 Liter
  • Single overhead camshaft
  • C.I.S. mechanical fuel injection
  • Cylinder Bore 91mm
  • Stroke 73mm
  • Displacement 2849 cc
  • Power Rating 130 SAE NET HP @5,500 RPM
  • Maximum Torque 208 Nm @ 2,750 RPM
  • Compression Ratio 8:8:1

    The company warns that messing with the past can have very dire consequences, but assures that it assumes no liability for any recent changes in history due to the time travel of its customers. In order words, the fact that cockroaches are now running the planet has nothing to do with Motivators.

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